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InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability and speed problems, has announced that its award-winning InterSystems IRIS data platform now features full native support for Python, unleashing the power of the world’s most popular programming language for creating data-intensive, mission-critical applications. 

By embedding Python directly into the kernel of its data platform, executing natively on the server, the company has now expanded the accessibility for Python developers to benefit from the full range of capabilities provided by InterSystems IRIS, which is used to run critical applications for Epic, Konica Minolta, Mediterranean Shipping Company and many of the world’s top banks.

“The pervasive use of Python within the development community has turned from a wave into a tsunami. Our announcement today highlights that InterSystems is committed to supporting these developers by making it as easy as possible for them to engage and work within our platforms,” states Henry Adams, Country Manager, InterSystems South Africa. “The end result for customers is the inclusion of support for a language they are comfortable with, in a system that offers them the database management, analytics and data integration they require to turn information into assets.”

InterSystems IRIS is a next-generation data platform for data-intensive, mission-critical applications that delivers consistent, harmonised information to business users and addresses a wide range of real-time industry use cases. Native Python support within the data platform allows developers to go from concept to production quickly, taking advantage of the fast-growing Python developer ecosystem and leveraging hundreds of thousands of high-quality Python libraries.

Machine learning models and artificial intelligence applications developed with Python can now be incorporated directly into enterprise applications with InterSystems IRIS. The analytics execute directly on the data in response to real-time events for the highest performance, while eliminating the need to move the data to a different environment for analytics processing – opening vast possibilities for fraud detection, customer personalisation and endless other use cases.

Python has been named the most popular programming language globally, thanks to its ease of learning, vast availability of libraries and its widespread use by more than 8 million developers worldwide.

“We have created a very powerful combination by extending full native support for Python within InterSystems IRIS,” said Scott Gnau, Head of Data Platforms for InterSystems. “Python developers can spin up new applications quickly, since Python is treated as a first-class citizen within the kernel of our powerful data platform.”

“As one of the fastest growing grocery chains in Central Europe, SPAR Austria requires performance and speed of application development to serve our big number of stores,” said Gerd Karnitschnig, Head of Software Solutions International, SPAR. “Being able to use Python natively with the InterSystems IRIS data platform allows us to utilise the wide range of libraries available for our existing and future applications. This will expand on the rich database management, integration and analytics capabilities we already experience with InterSystems technology, while achieving faster development and time to value.”


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