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Agra, October 30

A huge 6-ft-long Indian Rock Python was found under the bonnet of a car in Agra’s Sikandra and subsequently rescued by a team of Wildlife SOS’ Rapid Response Unit on Saturday.

When the owner lifted the hood, he found the reptile perched on the top of the engine.

Car owner Sumant Jha said: “I had opened the car bonnet to fill the wiper washer and was shocked to find a python sitting there! I immediately closed the bonnet and contacted the Wildlife SOS on their 24-hour helpline.”

A three-member team from Wildlife SOS promptly arrived at the location with all the necessary rescue equipment.

As a large crowd had also gathered around the car to get a glimpse of the python, the rescuers implemented crowd control measures, before extricating the snake.

Wildlife SOS CEO and co-founder Kartick Satyanarayan, said: “Due to the large size of pythons, their rescue operations can be a formidable task. Our team is meticulously trained in handling such sensitive operations while ensuring the safety of public and the animal.”

Director Conservation Projects, Baiju Raj M.V. said: “The Indian Rock Python is native to the tropical regions in the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia. These reptiles are often mistaken to be venomous snakes due to their appearance. In reality, the Indian Rock Python is a non-venomous, docile reptile.”

The python is currently under observation to ensure that it has not suffered any harm while it was inside the vehicle. It will be released back into its natural habitat once deemed fit. IANS


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