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For the first time in 20 years, Python becomes the leader of programming languages, beating C and proclaiming itself as the most popular today. This data comes from the index of the TIOBE programming community , a company specialized in evaluating and measuring software. Specifically, TIOBE measures the number of searches retrieved on the web and in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo !, among others.

According to Genbeta reports, softwares such as Java, JavaScript, C or C ++ have positioned themselves as titans in the world of computing in the last two decades, being used for the programming and development of video games, applications or programs. However, Python, the programming language whose origins date back to the 1980s, today is positioned as the most popular programming language among Internet users.

According to TIOBE, it is not that Python gained more popularity in October 2021. Rather, the other programming languages have received fewer searches lately, an event from which Python was exempted. The reason why this language, despite being more than 30 years old, remains so current in the world of computing is because it is quite friendly and easy to learn, read and write, so it is an excellent tool to start your career as a programmer.


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