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by Disha Sinha

October 30, 2021

Python is one of the tops and in-demand programming languages in almost all tech companies for its smart features for developers. Multiple students have started deciding to become professional developers in the tech-driven future. To be a developer, one needs to have sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience with Python. Thus, aspiring developers should work with some Python project ideas to add value to the CV and better career growth. Let’s explore some of the crazy Python projects for developers to enhance productivity in the future.


Crazy Python Project Ideas for Developers

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is one of the top crazy Python project ideas for developers in 2021. This Python project for developers provides a strong understanding of Python in a fun way with the game programming. Developers need to code their own rock, paper, scissors game while taking in user input with input (). Developers can think about how they can translate this game to Python code. They should import the module that will be used to simulate the computer’s choices. Python helps to prompt the user to enter a selection and save it to a variable for later purposes.


Guessing Game

Developers can focus on the guessing game as one of the top crazy Python projects to start the professional journey. This Python project for developers is started by coding in any Text Editor and following some code. One needs to run the Python file before starting to play this guessing game. The game shows that a user needs to select a range from A to B and some random integer will be selected by the system while the user has to guess the number with the minimum number of chances. This crazy Python project covers multiple Python concepts such as if-else, while loop, random function, and break statement.



Hangman is a common game played in childhood. But developers create hangman to know more about Python. This Python project idea does not consist of a specific module except random and time. Developers need Python loops and functions to build this crazy Python project efficiently and effectively. The game is known as Hangman as the user needs to guess the right word till a man is hung before the game is over. It is all about guessing the correct alphabet to tell the correct word. The main module of this game consists of declaring the variables to be called as well as the guest word to be answered by each player.



Snake is a highly popular arcade maze game and a well-known skillful game. There is a snake that is controlled with the four direction buttons to achieve maximum points while collecting foods and fruits. Developers need to build this Python project idea with three modules— turtle, time, and random. Developers can use PyCharm or VSCode to successfully develop this crazy Python project. The following steps are required to build a snake game— importing libraries, creating a game screen, creating snake and food, keyboard binding, and finally the game main loop.


Alarm Clock

One of the top crazy Python project ideas is building an alarm clock. Developers can use some of the top Python libraries like DateTime or Tkinter to build the alarm clock with the correct time and date. It also provides a user interface to set the alarm with 24-hour format efficiently. This Python project for developers is user-friendly and accessible in a virtual environment with the help of Python. There are certain steps to be followed by developers— importing all libraries and modules, putting a while loop, and creating a display window for user input.

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